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  1. Suggestion FOR 20X

  2. Suggestion FOR 20X

    Hi i'd like to suggest few things. - Increase field zones Adena Drop - Increase item drop from Exalted quest - Lower Defense from Storm/Imperial/Golden Altar and Coal Mines - Put Freya's Ice Rose for adena - Put Artifact Fragment on drop list in field zones - Allow ppl's buff in NPC with no level restriction - Add on shop few potions like Dandy 's scroll faith, Protein Energy Drink , Valiant scroll White potion, Adrenaline Energy drink, DHA energy Drink, Protein energy drink - Lower Price from Cloak Scroll a bit is overpriced - Put Bloody Weapon/Armor Enhancement stone and Dark Armor / Weapon Enhancement Stone on grocery with a affordable price I don't mind at all play vs who donated but please make a server accessible for everyone and let's make a good server Together